Our Products

Glass Protector

3D soft round square type tempered glass film. DOHO is a full 3D design, it adopts silica gel material on the edge and it adsorbs automatically on the screen, so it is the best protective film that dust does not get in the gap.

Phone Case

Military grade durable protective case. It does not mean that you are calling for military grade. Passed the SGS certification test and passed US Military MIL-STD-810G durability test.

Waterproof Spray

DOHO lead market leader all materials and formulation launched complete spray waterproof material, SGS verification allows users to use more peace of mind, PFOA and other carcinogens Not included.

Other materials

In addition to various products, more committed to the development of various protective materials DOHO, the future of industry leading technology will continue to sell more kinds of development, production, welfare protection products.

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