Extensive use of waterproof spray

Helmet goggles and raincoats

Rain is no longer a clear line of sight! Raincoat is not afraid that there is no place to dry! Do not accumulate fast scattering helmet mirrors, splashed water on the raincoat, the only raincoat and helmet arrived at their destinations hardly condemned! It can be incorporated quickly.

Stone and wood

Furniture for outdoor furniture will no longer need to worry about spray immediately about waterproofing, damage put, plywood shoes no longer deteriorate due to the decay of the molded walls of mold.

Shoes and backpack

Waterproof spray is always the focus of shoes, bags, his brand has superior protection, does not affect the permeation characteristics of raw materials, than the DOHO market has a high water repellent effect.

Explore more application

SGS does not verify that PFOA and other carcinogens contain water spray holes except DOHO, DOHO can form a protective layer on the mesh surface of most of the material.

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